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martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011


4º ESO. Listen to Cat talking about her experience at high school. Complete the quiz.

2º BACHILLERATO. Listen to the girl and her experience at high school. Complete all the listening parts.

2º BACHILLERATO. Let´s get complicated. Listen for gist.Now a more difficult listening on some teacher´s first experience. Listen to the audio at least 3 times. The complete the quiz and the questions.

2º BACHILLERATO. Work with the text.


Sen. John Edwards today will propose a government program to pay the first year's college tuition for a student who also works 10 hours a week at a job or community service. Edwards says offering a jump-start would encourage more people to go to college. Once there, they would be better able to pursue financial aid and recognize the value of a college education.   In addition, he'll put forward plans to offer four-year, full-tuition scholarships to students who agree to teach in hard-pressed schools or work in homeland security for five years after graduation. Edwards' speech at the University of Maryland embraces an expanded federal role -and billions of dollars in new spending- in raising pay and standards for teachers, reducing the size of high schools and making college more affordable. Edwards also urges colleges to end admissions practices that give a preference to **alumni's children and that offers early decisions to students who apply early and agree to attend if accepted. Both policies tend to be used most by upper-income students. "Today, it's too hard for too many Americans to go up the ladder of success," he says. "It is time for some reforms to get back to our democratic roots."
*jump-start = ayuda inicial               **alumni: antiguos alumnos

a) Add True or False, quoting the relevant information from the text.  
1. Edwards says offering a jump-start would encourage people to go to college.

2. For Sen. Edwards university studies are very important.

3. Students whose parents have gone to a college have more chances to get a place there too.

b) Read the text and, according to it, answer the questions. Use your own words.  
 1. What is Senator John Edwards' plan?

 2. Why is John Edwards' plan so expensive?

 3. What kind of students will benefit from John Edwards' program?

c) Complete the following sentences. Both sentences should have the same meaning 
 1. Edward's speech embraces an expanded federal role.     
An expanded ...

 2. "It is time for some reforms to get back to our democratic roots".  said Sen. John Edwards.
Sen. John Edwards said...

3. Both policies tend to be used most by upper-income students.  
Upper-income students...

4. They give a preference to pupils who apply early.

d) Look up the meaning of the expressions underlined above.

e) Write about the following topic, between 140-160 words 3 p.)
     The positive and negative aspects of the education I have received.

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