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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Actividades de inglés 3º ESO


13.- Reading. Read the text and answer the questions. (10)

Teenager Brian Robinson was travelling from the USA to Canada to see his father. He was the only passenger in a small plane, high above the Canadian mountains, when suddenly the pilot had a heart attack and died!
Brian was terrified. He was shaking, but he tried not to panic. Below him, he could see a lake. He turned the plane towards the lake and, incredibly, he landed on the water. Brian got out of the plane just before it sunk. He swam to the beach and the he fell asleep, exhausted.
When Brian woke up the next morning, he was cold and hungry. The quiet boy from New York only had the clothes he was wearing and a small hatchet ( a present from his mother). Then he remembered a TV programme about how to survive in the wild. He made a shelter with grass and some branches from the trees. He used his hatchet to cut wood and start a fire. He ate fruit form the forest. He made a spear to catch fish in the lake, and he made a bow and arrow to kill rabbits and birds.
One night there was a fierce storm and the plane came to the surface of the lake. Brian swam to the plane and found some food, a knife and a small radio. He tried to call for help on the radio, but he wasn't sure how it worked.
One day, a few weeks later, Brian was fishing by the lake when he heard a noise. He could see a plane above the trees. It was looking for him!Quickly, he made a fire, and the pilot saw the smoke. After fifty-four days in the Canadian woods, Brian's amazing adventure was finally over.

Above: Por encima de                                  Shake: Temblar                                             Below: Debajo de
Exhausted: Muy cansado                            Hatchet: Hacha pequeña                            Shelter: Refugio
Branch: Rama                                               Wood: Madera                                               Bow: Arco
Arrow: Flecha                                                Forest: Bosque                                             Spear: Lanza

    Answer the following questions according to the text.
    1) Where was Brian Going when his adventure began?
    2) Where did he land?
    3) Could Brian swim?
    4) Where did he sleep?
    5) Why did his plane reappear?

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